In the scope of stranger things we’ve seen today, a deadmau5-inspired musical is up near the top. It’s set for July 3rd – 11th in Toronto. Yep.

“Think Ratatouille meets Book of Mormon.”

This isn’t a DJ set or anything of the sort, and Joel Zimmerman isn’t even involved, but the Toronto Fringe Festival and Red Sandcastle Theatre are bound to see a bunch of curious faces at their musical if this news makes it out.

The synopsis reads, “Deadmouse the Musical is a musical about a mouse who wants to be a house DJ but is discriminated against for being a mouse. Joel Zimmermouse must team up with his best friend David Goudda and his flame Cat Von D to overcome adversity and the dastardly mouse hating villain Avicheese.”

Obviously catered to the TMZ drama that Deadmau5 has fueled over the years, you can expect a singular comedy experience. The musical seems to already be nearly fully cast, with musical directors and all. You can find out more about the music on their official website here.

Even better, you can hear some of the proposed music from the musical.