Bassnectar may be releasing a new LP in a little less than two weeks, but he’s unveiled five tracks which will be plenty to hold us over. While his 2014 album Noise vs. Beauty had a more ominous feel to it, Lorin Ashton – the man behind Bassnectar – creates an uptempo vibe in four out of the five tracks in this godsend of a preview for Into The Sun.

The SoundCloud playlist starts with a barely-electronic remix of The Naked and Famous‘ “No Way, which perfectly sets the tone for the remaining tracks to come. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Ashton described his feelings towards the opening track: “I love the visceral energy of the original,” he says. “I didn’t want to produce a remix which sounded like a remix — I wanted it to just sound like a thicker, heavier, more intense version of the original, like if a death-metal guitarist was playing the parts or something.” Don’t worry – this drool-inducing depiction isn’t too good to be true. The track balances out a beautiful acoustic intro with layered electro house kicks and a dubstep-esque sub, going in for the kill with a massive electric guitar during the breakdown.

“The Mystery Spot,” a filthy collaboration with fellow Santa Cruz, California-native G. Jones, follows with a hint of that classic Bassnectar grime. Aptly named for a real spot in the city – you should definitely check it out if you get the chance it’s f*cking trippy – the song combines an uplifting, synth-laden verse with a drop that will give you an incurable case of the angry face.

“Into The Sun” sounds like a heavenly combination of Hudson Mohawke and Gesaffelstein, generating a head-bobbing atmosphere that is sure to grace your smoking playlists for months. Reminding us of the old school electronic days, Bassnectar joins beautiful analog synths with a heavy bassline. The outtro closes out the track perfectly, as your left floating through space to a blissful descending goodbye.

Coming out of nowhere, “Speakerbox” slaps you in the face as a reinvented trap banger, sampling Masia One’sWarrior’s Tongue.” I can easily foresee myself playing this one on repeat in the car, as it perfectly embodies the qualities of a great driving song. The intro utilizes a classic trap snare over a muffled synth melody, leading into Masia One’s Dutty-style verse. As Lafa Taylor keys in his quintessential pump-up vocals, the riser gets louder and louder, preparing you for a Bassnectar breakdown that is unlike anything I’ve heard from him. No words could truly do this part justice, as Taylor and Bassnectar combine for an unbelievably colossal anthem that will give your speakers a run for their money.

The last track, a remix of Dorfex Bos‘ self-titled single, is bound to put a smile on your face. An ode to his roots, Bassnectar describes Bos as an incredibly gifted producer who’s never garnered the attention he’s deserved. He considers the original full of “whimsical childhood wonder and awe,” which is probably why he’s contemplating a collaboration project with Bos.

This preview definitely has me absurdly excited for the LP, as each song exudes an original, memorable style. My favorites have to be the “No Way” remix and “Speakerbox,” but don’t let that take away from the greatness of the other tracks. The entirety of the released tracks carry a certain musicality that is beautifully constructed and downright awe-inspiring. I haven’t gotten annoyed with playing each song on repeat for this write-up, so I think it’s safe to say I’m excited for the LP’s release on June 30th.


H/T: Rolling Stone