Rising R&B-inspired trap/hip hop producer Lege Kale has just joined forces with his younger brother Ordinary Youngstr on a beautiful remix of Elhae’s “Love A N***a”, originally produced by Rascal. Where the original emphasizes the vocals and internal melodies, the new flip focuses its energy on devastating and minimal percussion and the underlying beat.

The track begins with the vocals from the original, mostly untouched. Below, a measured striking of resonant marimbas and a jazz-scaled piano riff slowly push forward as a deep bass synth adds warmth. Light percussive hits slowly enter the space, leading to a sharp clap placed front and center. Suddenly, a lively and sensual sub/kick combination takes over the attention, while shakers echo on the sides. The vocals continue, and remain even when the other instruments fade away. An organ with satisfying LFO treatment gives the second bridge a new personality, until the original percussion layout is brought back. The song has an immensely relaxed yet emotional flow to it, continuing until its end.

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