When you’re trying to cheat the system, don’t make it public.

Eternify challenged Spotify’s model of paying out royalties by creating a system that would replay your tracks infinitely, 30 seconds at a time, “the minimum length that counts as a play—and as a royalty payment.”

Eternify would allow a user to potentially play a track 2,880 times a day, “resulting in a potential royalty payment of $17.20 a day.”

This service has already begun to go viral, and Spotify no doubt has taken notice. One of the clauses in its TOS even explicitly forbids manipulation of plays, as would be expected. (Specifically clause (g).)

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This service might have been useful for perhaps a few works, but once word started to get out, it was dead in the water. Not to mention the fact that Spotify probably knows you’re juicing your plays.

Try again next time.


H/T Pulse Radio | Illustraion by Brad Jonas