Skrillex doesn’t do anything half assed. Neither do any of the other powerhouse producers he ended up behind the decks with at Electric Forest. In some random alignment of the stars, Datsik and 12th Planet and Crizzly and Snails and Skrillex all ended up behind one set of decks and proceeded to give a once in a lifetime performance that should have fans ruined from now on, spouting, “Well, nothing can really top that.”

Frédérik Durand – Mobile Uploads | Facebook

One of the best coincidences was that 12th Planet wasn’t even scheduled to play Electric Forest! He announced not even an hour before he appeared on stage that he would be replacing Brodinski, and then by some stroke of luck, found himself in a massive B2B2B2B2B set.

And let’s not forget Skrillex’s penchant for being in more than one place at a time … kind of. Sonny’s collaboration with Vic Mensa was officially premiered live a couple weeks ago, but the audio was a little distorted, and made it difficult to make out the production. Lucky for us, Vic Mensa performed it again at REVOLT a couple days ago and the audio is crisp. Check it out.