For my first visit to EDC this year, I was exposed to something I had never experienced before – fireworks at a festival. I’ve definitely seen sparks from stages, andĀ lots and lotsĀ of flamethrowers, but it wasn’t until my weekend at the Speedway that I witnessed a full-on fireworks show.

It was pretty amazing to see, walking through the crowd at around 1am, everyone stop and just look to the sky. In a weird way, it was a unifying experience, knowing that we were all looking up at the same thing.

However, even with that one-of-a-kind, firsthand experience, I can say without any uncertainty hat Defqon.1’s endshows blow EDC out of the water.

Saturday’s endshow spans a massive 20 minutes, while Sunday’s is a short and sweet four minutes. In both cases, the massive production of Defqon.1 shines brilliantly in its purpose and (compared to EDC) minimalism. An array of lasers surrounding the stage and extending away on all sides, combined with a row of flame cannons, sparklers atop the massive structure, and a strong thematic element all contribute to the massive display.

Even if hard dance isn’t your thing, like it isn’t for me, I strongly encourage you to sit all the way through these videos because they’re nothing short of breathtaking.


Image via Rudgr