When Eric Prydz gives a track a name, it’s a ceremonious as naming a new pope. Fans wait with baited breath for Prydz and his multiple identities to not only name the tracks but to release them, as in fans can actually buy them. Though it might seem like an exaggeration, those who have followed the Swede for years understand the torment of only hearing certain tracks in sets and not being about to enjoy them separate from his sets.

That is, until now.

As promised, Eric Prydz released the first of three Pryda 10 EPs yesterday, a four-track starter to showcase some of the best music of his Pryda career. Each track brings something completely different to the table: “Rebel xx” is the darkest of the set, and has recently been one of the opening tracks in his sets. “Run” has a thumping bassline and a high pitch vocal sample that you’ll either get stuck in your head or loathe completely during the track’s 6-minute duration. “Loving You” is as close to a vocal track as Prydz gets in Volume 10-1, using a 90s-esque vocal. The last track “Neuron” has the brightest pack of synths in the quartet of tracks, which contrast perfectly against the use of a drum machine. If you’ve been a fan of Eric Prydz and all of his aliases, you will enjoy the first in this amazing trilogy of EPs.

Pryda 10 Part 1 is out now on Beatport.