Aruna might be one of the most recognizable vocalists in dance music. When she returned last year with “The End,” fans immediately knew it was the American singer/producer, whose voice has been engrained into our memory since 2007, and whose biggest tunes include “The Great Divide” (As Velvetine with Myon & Shane54), “Live Forever” (with Ferry Corsten), and many others.

Five artists join Aruna in bringing something new to this tune. Culture Code takes Aruna’s vocals and makes a beautiful melodic dubstep remix. A groovier bassline intros BLASTERZ remix, while Enhanced vet Alex Kingle¬†opens “The End” up into a brighter, progressive tune. Rounding out the remixes are Livewire‘s Drum and Bass take and WRLD, who gives Aruna’s original a future bass vibe, unlike anything Enhanced has ever seen before. Of all the remix packages we’ve seen from the label, “The End” certainly has the most dynamic range from a host of great artists, which you can listen to below in this handy playlist.

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