Remember Insomniac’s Beyond Wonderland trailer from last year? One of the infectious progressive tunes featured in the video has just been released courtesy of Hungarian duo Stadiumx. Titled “Wonderland,” this song comes just in time for the heart of festival season, sure to make its long-awaited reappearance in a number of sets this summer.

Stadiumx recruited the talents of LA-based Angelika Vee, whose mesmerizing vocals are the perfect addition. A soft bass rings under her voice backed by some nice piano chords, blended together flawlessly to create a hypnotic ambiance. Vee’s singing gives way to a classic progressive-house build, introducing a bouncy lead synth that drives the track forward. This sound continues into the drop, where Stadiumx layers it over a bass line very reminiscent of Tommy Trash, forming an epic progressive groove. The chord progressions of “Wonderland” also are truly something to relish. Stadiumx create a beautiful atmosphere with their expert production skills that will bring you to a literal aural wonderland.

Stream the track below or on Spotify; to purchase, head to iTunes or Beatport!