Andre Dudek has just filed a massive federal lawsuit against DJ/producer David Guetta for the alleged illegal sampling of song “Illuminations” from the 1980’s. The suit also extends to singer Sam Martin and record labels Warner Music and Atlantic Records. “Illuminations” was not copyrighted until this year, however, despite the release of the song in question, “Dangerous,” occurring in October of 2014.

Dudek is seeking $6 million USD in damages and has also filed an injunction barring Guetta and the accompanying record labels from further distributing the song. “Dangerous” hit #1 on Billboard charts and was also heavily featured in a T-Mobile advertisement, so the rather astounding number of $6 million doesn’t seem that unreasonable if Dudek’s claims are, in fact, legitimate.

Although Guetta has yet to respond to the lawsuit, we have reached out to Atlantic records and will continue to update this post as the news comes in. We are currently looking for a verified version of the track in question, “Illuminations” as well.

Source: The Jasmine Brand