This is a very interesting collaboration. Two explosive house duos in EDM join forces on a banger that will hit the stages of various festivals as a go-to adrenaline injection for crowds looking for energetic sets this year. Lush & Simon team up with Paris & Simo on a tune that goes hard and is free to download to your leisure. In their collaboration “Drop The Pressure”, prepare to find blaring growls, rolling basslines, and catchy melodies that will have worldwide crowds shuffling, stomping, jumping, and moving their body in any way possible.

This combination of Lush & Simon and Paris & Simo brings an instrumental that hits harder and explodes louder than most of the previous material from both parties. To put in better perspective, this track sounds like a crossing between the Lush & Simon track “Hunter” Protocol Recordings and the Paris & Simo track “Punk” from Armada Trice. If you need something to add an extra bit of kick to your summer, download “Drop The Pressure” now and let the tune captivate you in its electro house goodness.