Perhaps no artist in dance music has had a bigger year in 2015 so far than EDX. Not only is the Swiss producer’s long-running, 20-year career an impressive feat in and of itself, but EDX has also managed to stay at the forefront of the dance music community with his tastemaking “NoXcuses” podcasts and his consistently quality releases. EDX’s lengthy career has taken him all around the globe, and his worldly influences take shape in his various remixes. His “Indian Summer” remixes are a glimpse into the bright, sunny culture of Asia, while his “Ibiza Sunrise” remixes borrow a piece of Ibiza’s renowned club culture. His latest effort, his “Miami Sunset” remix of Spada’s “Catchfire (Sun Sun Sun),” takes us to the shores of South Beach as the sun is setting and the night is starting.

Anna Leyne’s emotional croons are front and center, as EDX turns the rest of the Spada’s sun-soaked tune into a track more fitting for the booming Miami nightlife. Uplifting synth arrangements come together with a driving piano melody and a deep bass line to give the remix a groove that will have you moving your feet on the dance floor. EDX’s “Miami Sunset” remix is out now via EGO Music on Beatport, so get your copy here.