Yes, Armin is tight with the King and Queen of the Netherlands, but our President is a house head. In one of the coolest moves from a political figure, President Obama wished last week’s Boiler Room DJs well. Though he wasn’t able to attend himself (The White House hosts servicemen and women every year on July 4th), he recorded a message shouting out Chicago’s 25th anniversary of the Chosen Few Picnic which featuredWayne Williams, Jesse Saunders, Alan King, Tony Hatchett and Andre Hatchett, Terry Hunter, and Mike Dunn. The picnic is a celebration of these pioneers who helped cultivate the underground scene in the late 70s/early 80s. What started as a fun tradition of inviting the Chosen Few and their friends for a BBQ in the park has turned into a mass celebration July 4th weekend.

This isn’t the first time POTUS showed his appreciation for Chicago House. When Frankie Knuckles died last year, Obama and the First Lady wrote a statement to his friends and family, noting his contribution to the community and dance music as a whole. Who knows, maybe Obama can be found cutting some shapes in the White House residency when no one’s watching?

Thanks, Obama.

Source: Stoney Roads