It seems to be a trend nowadays to hide your identity. Producers like UZ, Marshmello, or ZHU shroud themselves in mystery, never fully revealing their true personas while building massive fanbases with their music. No exception to this is a producer who we can only identify as unknown, who has released a single track titled “Lose It,” which has earned over 97,000 plays in under a week. 13,000 followers and support from T-mass, Stooki Sound, Apex Rise, Mt. Eden, Tha Trickaz really prove that unknown has potential to make huge waves in the trap scene.

“Lose It” is a very simple song, with the intro featuring some ambient noise in the background layered with percussion sounds. This isn’t to say it’s boring at all, as the overall vibe suggests an all-out trap banger is about to take place. And that’s exactly what happens, as the drop brings a slow and commanding sub, the real driving force behind this tune.The beat sounds like a slowed down festival anthem, something like LOUDPVCK meets Hucci. The percussion on top is a nice head-bopping addition, maintaining the trap atmosphere in between kicks while not taking away from the bass. It’s a seriously refreshing song that’s sure to make it’s way into some of the remaining festival sets this summer.

Stream “Lose It” below or click HERE for to download for FREE!