An epic and unique collaboration has just surfaced from a young but experienced trio of artists. Young Lungs and Josh Pan each lend their individual vocal talents to “Still Breathing,” an organic, melancholy track with sophisticated and personal production by Tülpa. It’s a story about endurance, pain, and escape, told from a hushed, almost spoken-word approach. Together, they’re able to capture a place of emotion common to us all.

It begins with low piano chords and ‘ooh’s from Josh Pan. Tülpa’s right hand dances on the upper keys as Young Lungs’s voice pushes Josh’s into the background. After several bars, the piano takes on the role of a steady drone. The chorus sees a more dynamic piano arrangement and a melody worth remembering. The feeling swells, and Josh is left alone again singing the words previously heard. Tülpa hunches over the keys and plays out the end of the track in somber style.

“Still Breathing” can be downloaded for free here.