Mr Fijiwiji┬áhas been a favorite of mine, as far as Monstercat artists go, for a long time. His track “Out On A Limb” really helped me see how far producers can branch out, even when heavy drops aren’t involved. His most recent tune on Monstercat “Aphasia” has me listening non stop.

The brooding, chilled qualities soothe the mind, and give an intensity that’s out of this world.┬áThere’s something dark and enchanting about this single. The vocals perfectly complement the hollow and edgy feelings rising to the surface. Mr Fijiwiji has no limits when it comes to creating music that makes listeners feel every possible emotion all the way through the soul. I will always appreciate his work, and his ability to remind everyone that even the deepest songs can empower a person. Listen to more of Mr Fijiwiji’s fantastic releases, by checking out his Soundcloud and social media profiles.