Sometimes it’s hard to remember that Martin Garrix is only 19 years old. Though he can’t even drink a beer legally in the US (though if he could get away with it, he would), the Dutch producer has already become one of the top DJs, performing at festivals like EDC Las Vegas, Ultra, and now he holds a Friday night residency called Multiply at Ushuaia in Ibiza.

In a recent interview with British publication The Daily Star, Garrix expresses his gratitude that his life has come full circle in such a short amount of time, as the club he holds a residency in was once the club he got kicked out of for being underage.

Four years ago I was in Ibiza and Swedish House Mafia were doing shows in Ushuaia. I love them but I was underage so decided to sneak in. I managed to run in through the reception while the guards weren’t paying attention. Then when I was finally inside, a security guard said to me: ‘You look very young – can I see your ID?’ They kicked me out. So it’s super-crazy for me to be here now and they’re showing me my dressing room, my hotel room, my drinks.

I’m so honoured to be part of such a sick line-up at this amazing venue.


It’s great to see there’s a DJ down to earth like Martin Garrix, who is still so relatable to his fanbase. It’s even better to know that while he has the Midas Touch right now, the man isn’t perfect. To read the full interview, visit Daily Star’s website.

I did a show in Vegas and someone threw a bracelet towards the DJ booth and hit the stop button which is the most tiny button on the back of the CD player. It managed to stop all of the music!

Oops. Let’s just hope Garrix’s residency, which began last week, won’t have any incidents of fans sneaking in or stopping the equipment.


Photo: Dvelec Photography