It’s called the Hyrdo Hammock and it’s about to make festivals a whole lot sexier … and cleaner. Praised as a multifunctional hammock, portable/swinging hot tub, waterbed and outdoor shower system – the revolutionary design will make your festival trip that much simpler and more comfortable.

When you’re out camping at TomorrowWorld and need a shower from a hot day on the dance floor, or if you met a lady friend who you want to bring back to your “hot tub,” Hydro Hammock is the answer. Made of highly durable materials and capable of providing a 2-hour, heated shower with only 3 gallons of water – you can see why this might be a good investment before hitting your next camping festival.


Although the hammock isn’t immediately available and is currently awaiting investment in Kickstarter, you can essentially place your pre-order today with an expected delivery in September of this year; just in time for TomorrowWorld in the hills of Georgia.

Check out the video below and invest here.