Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike have long been the poster child of Tomorrowland and everything big room. Their large, main stage sound has catapulted them as one of the largest acts out of Europe.

Just finishing their Las Vegas residency, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike are now living the summer life in Ibiza for the rest of the season. In a recent interview with BBC UK, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike talk about how great it is to be an EDM artist right now:

“Everything just fell into place in the right time. You have epic festivals like Tomorrowland releasing movies that get spread all over the world which are seen in the smallest town. Now it is the music that gets transferred to radio and all those things in place just made it the music of this generation.”

They went on to describe how EDM’s explosion has made a powerful statement on the global music scene. Starting as a small underground community, EDM has become one of the top musical movements of this generation, according to Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike:

 “As hip hop was ten years ago and other styles were before that so I guess that is what it is now. I guess it is the music of this generation.”

With festival season in full swing, EDM is quickly seeping itself into all kinds of different music festivals around the world. You can check out the full interview with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike here and get a taste of what is to come with their 2014 Tomorrowland set below: