Stephen Walking & Hyper Potions (already a collab between Sushi Killer & Kevin Villecco) have teamed up to bring listeners a new Monstercat release. “Saturday Morning Space Ride” is probably one of the most energetic and happy tracks I have listened to by a Monstercat artist in a long time.

This tune is jam packed with upbeat bass and all kinds of electronic, almost chiptune, sounds entwined throughout. It just has this funky, get-up-and-dance feel to it and it instantly brought a smile to my face. The song also includes my favorite classic trap signatures and some of the best future bass I have ever heard. Hyper Potions and Stephen Walking also did very well on their last two tracks individually, “Porta Vista” and “The Difference Between Us and Them,” respectively. It was no surprise that by these two teaming up, they would create a fantastic and brilliantly fun masterpiece. Keep your ears open for more from these two artists, as I know they will bring only the best music for years to come!

Stephen Walking
Hyper Potions