Marshall Headphones just shocked the world with a brand new smartphone that seems like it was made specifically for artists and audiophiles alike. Called the “London,” it pairs two high quality speakers with two audio outputs so you can listen with a friend. Super-HD audio processing alongside gorgeously gold-accented scroll wheels and a dedicated music button further this next-gen phone’s reputation as a music lover’s wet dream.

However, it makes a few sacrifices. Offering a lackluster 720p, 4.7″ display and an 8-megapixel camera – it’s clear what this phone was made for. Still, a removable 2500mAh battery and 16 gigs of memory with expandable microSD capabilities let you mold the device to your preferences. 2 gigs of RAM doesn’t disappoint, and neither do the bundled Marshall Mode earbuds or the price-line. Selling at under $600 with an expected delivery date of August 21st, this could quite possibly be your next upgrade.

Check out more details here, and some in-depth pictures below.

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