Every time we post about Nero, I inevitably see the comment “MAKE DNB AGAIN!”

It’s well known to most Nero fans that they got their start in the 174 realm before Welcome Reality. And even though you get a taste of it from “New Life,” it wasn’t enough. D&B fans are absolutely insatiable. With previews coming out now showing a completely different side to Nero, although still representing their core sound, fans are showing a deep desire for that harder sound that they fell in love with all those years ago.

Leave it to Delta Heavy to bring that sound back. In a tune that is distinctly reminiscent of old school Nero, even with Alana Watson-esque vocals, you get the apocalyptic synths and rhythm that are so refreshingly familiar.

On the other side of this release is “Tremors,” is a unique spin on jump up and neuro, melding the drum pattern and bassline of both, respectively. Jump up is good in small doses during a set, but I find that in prolonged quantities, it’s extremely static and repetitive. Aside from that, the track bangs.

Beatport: http://po.st/DHGhostBP
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Ram Shop: http://po.st/DeltaHeavyGhostRAM
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