More and more producers these days are embracing hybrid bass sounds, melding elements of house, dubstep, and trap into a single genre-defying track. It’s a risky move, sometimes resulting in a mess of overly-complex rhythms and muddy sounds. Nitepunk pulls it off well though, delivering a hybrid banger through Tasty, a label that specializes in up-and-comers in the the electronic realm.

When All Is Good” starts with a feel-good vibe to it, bringing gliding synths and a groovy bass line. A small tempo change leads into a dirty drop that leans more on the trap side of things. Nitepunk throw in a slow kick that drives the beat forward, as dubstep-esque growls fill the empty spaces. An interlude brings the bright sounds from earlier back into the mix, and the tempo slows back down. After this, Nitepunk drop a  jersey-club style rhythm, with faster paced kick drums leading the way. Again, well placed wobbles are used to tie everything together, resulting in a very impressive song overall.

Stream the track below or click HERE to download for free!