Whether it’s acting as the face of Spoon Ü or embodying the persona of German deep house producer DJ Hanzel, Dillon Francis actually has quite the talent for acting. In the past year, Dillon and his antics on Snapchat and elsewhere have gained him even a bigger name as a goofball, just one of the guys. But in his latest role, he sheds his human persona for something a little more … sugary.

Exit Through The Donut Hole was supposed to be a music video for his track “I Can’t Take It,” off his album last year, Money Sucks, Friends Rule. But Dillon and writer/director Agata Alexander were just having too much fun and made it into a nearly-fifteen-minute long short movie, featuring antagonist broccoli and love interest Taco Girl.

The video follows Dillon as a donut walking around Hollywood and the suburbs of Los Angeles, trying to find peace in his situation. It sometimes raises more questions than it answers, like, “Does he have a cream filling?” or “Can donuts have an anxiety attack?”

Be sure to stick all the way to the end for some hilarious bloopers.

You gotta say no to the dough!

Dillon’s new EP, This Mixtape Is Fire, is available for pre-order on iTunes now.