David Guetta has been under some serious fire lately after bring a live horse to one of his events in Ibiza. From Deadmau5 calling out David Guetta directly to animal activists starting an online petition, the people of the world have banded together to tell Guetta what he is doing is very wrong.

Activists are taking a strong stance to make sure it doesn’t happen again. While club promoters and spokesman argue that all safety precautions were taken when bringing the horse into the club, it has done very little in swaying public opinion.

In a statement released yesterday, David Guetta and Pacha gave in to public outcry and have vowed to not bring the horse to the club again, yet still no apology was given:

“A horse appeared for three minutes — owned by a vet — and with full ear protection and security at the opening. Just like Bianca Jagger at Studio 54,” the rep said, referring to Jagger’s famous entrance to her 1977 birthday. “The club is too busy now. So no horse.”

In 1977, Apple and Microsoft had just been founded and Elvis Presley had just died. A lot has changed since then.

Although “The club is too busy now” is hardly a fair excuse as to why you shouldn’t bring a horse into a live nightclub, it is still a victory for activists around the world.

Source: Page Six