Mad Decent is the perfect representation of the eccentric side of music. Spearheaded by bad-boy Diplo, the label is known to pump out some of the less conventional EDM sounds, like moombahton and twerk. Their newest release by Party Favor and Fly Boi Keno is a rump-shaking banger that has some serious club-destroying potential.

Booty Loose” is a bass-heavy track with a serious party vibe. The intro is a nearly minute long build-up, hyping things up before the drop. Here, the beat is is actually pretty uncomplicated, with no complex drums or synth lines. Party Favor uses this to their advantage, bringing in a simple but powerful kick and sub to really drive the song forward. Layered on top are fast wailing high notes, used to secure the overall ‘twerk’ feel of “Booty Loose” (the name is a pretty good indicator, too). These are mixed in perfectly to fill in any empty space between kicks, allowing for such a simple beat to work so well. Be sure to check “Booty Loose” out, it’s sure to make it’s way into a number of playlists in the near future.

Stream the track below, and get it now on iTunes!

Support By: Diplo, Dillion Francis, Bro Safari, Milo & Otis and more.