What a surprise, yet another B-Level celebrity is trying their hand at becoming the next big DJ. Joe Jonas, formally from the band The Jonas Brothers, is joining the ranks of other celebrity DJs as he announced his intentions to start his DJing career.

Going under the impossibly lame name of “DJ Danger”, Joe Jonas claims that his DJ career started two years ago, as a joke. Now, he is apparently getting very serious about it:

“We used to make really funny videos back in the day, We created these alter egos, and mine was DJ Danger. Sometimes I think I have certain fans who still think that’s my DJ name. It’s comical.”

Sure to be nothing but top 40 bangers, Joe Jonas makes a debut performance this Friday at Mansion Nightclub in South Beach. Joe Jonas spoke to the Miami News Times about his upcoming performance in which he outlines how his DJ career has come about:

“It’s always been something that’s been a fun pastime,” he explains. “It’s something I would do when I had parties at home, and then turned into something a bit bigger. I have friends in the nightclub industry. I would get invited to DJ at their parties, and it went well. It’s a great thing to be able to do while I’m working on music.”  

Although the growing list of celebrity DJs continues to grow as EDM becomes ever more popular, you can be sure that Joe Jonas won’t be the last. With Shaq already being booked at TomorrowWorld this year, the ability of celebrities to break into the market without even having past experience is a stifling thought. While most artists spend years perfecting their producing craft and building a loyal following, these celebs seem to be able to just waltz in and steal the limelight.

However, it’s also interesting to note how celebrated DJs have become in this EDM culture. Twenty years ago, you would have never given a second thought to what the club DJ was calling himself. But with the explosion of dance music in the last ten years, DJing is now a legitimate and actually enviable career. Oh, how the times have changed…

You can read the full story on the Miami News Times.