I’d like to think that I’m incredibly open minded when it comes to dance music. I listen to all genres and DJs, from Hardstyle and Hardwell to Techno and Tokimonsta. HOWEVER. There are just some EDM phenomena that will keep my head permanently tilted at a 90-degree angle.

Subject in question: Paris Hilton. I want to keep an open mind about her, but she’s not giving me much to work with here. While certainly no one thought her relationship with Afrojack would have directly resulted in her having a go at a DJ career, it’s now five years later and she’s still “around.” Though, her illustrious career comes with an iceberg-that-sank-the-Titanic-sized grain of salt. In an interview with EDM Tunes this month, Hilton was proud of her “Foam & Diamonds” themed party, that has not only kept her as a resident in Ibiza for the past three years, but is now possibly expanding to Las Vegas, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. She’s also played Summerfest, the World’s Largest Festival in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In her own words:

I think I’ve really proven all the haters wrong.

Well actually..no, she hasn’t, and here’s why; Paris Hilton’s “success” is kind of a sham. While she can pat herself on the back for playing Summerfest, the festival has a paltry number of DJs on its lineup yearly, one of which was DJ Pauly D in 2014, who falls under the same category of “not quite DJ” as she currently does.

EDM Tunes said it themselves after checking her out in Las Vegas on July 4th:

Fortunately for Hilton, the crowd wasn’t the most demanding musically, and ate up every drop, keeping the venue packed until she closed out the day.

And I’m sure that’s them being incredibly nice about it. While the majority of these answers seem fairly generic, there is one line in this interview I agree with: I have never seen Paris Hilton play. But that’s not because I don’t choose to, it’s because I never get the chance to. While Paris Hilton is living it up as a Saturday night resident in Ibiza, she’s missing out on all the crucial EDM festivals all over the world every summer: EDC Las Vegas, Tomorrowland, Ultra: Croatia. She also has never had a fully fledged North American Tour, either, because not many venues would spend the money on Paris friggin Hilton.

So while she may look up to Kaskade and Calvin Harris like everyone else does, at the end of the day, she in five years is still just a novelty DJ, one people go see so they have another great story to tell their friends at brunch the next day. I want to hold a little bit of hope for the billionaire/socialite/reality TV/hotel heiress, but though she is many things, a DJ she will never be – although she has learned at least a little bit since entering the scene, and hopefully has evolved from her joke of a performance below.

What Paris Hilton really does behind the decks from Blogrebellen on Vimeo.

EDMTunes asked:

Given your success and your experience in EDM, do you think, looking back on the incident with Steve Angello, that you now reflect a little differently on that, and how would you handle that situation, in his shoes?

“You know what, that was…I was there for my friend’s birthday. I had never been to Winter Music Conference in my life. She really wanted to hear Bob Sinclair’s “Love Generation.” So, I asked Dave Grutman, the owner, “Can they play the song?” He’s like, “Why don’t you go ask the DJ?” So, you know, I was used to [that]; I’m friends with DJ AM and everybody. I always used to go up to my friends, “Oh, do you mind playing this song?” And they’d be like, “Of course.” I didn’t realize this is Winter Music Conference during like, Ultra, and I’m asking, you know, one of the biggest DJ’s to play a song. So, now that I look back at it I’m like,” Oh my god, what was I thinking? I’m so embarrassed.” Actually Steve and I talked about it at EDC a few years ago. We made up; everything is cool. I totally apologized, and I felt really silly. Because I can’t imagine now, DJ’ing, and someone coming up and requesting a song to me. I definitely learned from that.”

You told Billboard that you’ve been going to raves since you were 15, do you have any particularly noteworthy performances or artists you saw during those early years that really helped formulate your love for dance music?

“Yea, back in the day Daft Punk used to kill it. Amazing. They’re still an inspiration to me to this day, they’re amazing.”

Your entry into the scene caused a bit of controversy and resistance, why do you think people were so quick to judge you as a DJ and how do you respond to these criticisms?

“You know, I could totally see their point. If I hadn’t been to one of my shows before and I saw “Oh, Paris Hilton is gonna be a DJ,” I would understand how people, if they haven’t been to one of my parties, would be critical. But I think, and I know, that all these people that do come to my shows, when they do come, they’re like “Wow, I’m so surprised, I had no idea. You’re incredible. I can’t believe this. This is amazing. I had the time of my life.” Some of the biggest and best DJ’s come to my shows in Ibiza. People I really respect. So, to hear that coming from those kinds of people makes me feel so proud. I think I’ve really proven all the haters wrong. Now I’m coming back for my third year as resident DJ at Amnesia, I’m going to be there for the next three months playing every Saturday. So, I think I’ve definitely proven myself over the past five years.”

Read the full interview on EDM Tunes’ website.