Porter Robinson has always been far from your typical electronic music artist. His melodic and emotional riffs paired with a unique and signature sound has made him his own man.  He is so unique in fact, remixing Porter can be quite the task. The challenge of turning a sound so unique is not for the faint of heart, which is why there are very few “great” remixes out there.

Today, another remix joins the ranks of the great as Ninth Parallel has finally released his beautiful remix to “Sea Of Voices.”

Still incorporating the soft vocals, Ninth Parallel puts an emotional, rising melody that almost sounds like something Porter would make himself. Dubbed one of Porter’s budding proteges (and biggest fan) by fans, Ninth Parallel delivered in full with their latest release.

Check out the track below and prepared to be amazed:

Don’t sleep on the YouTube description either. Proximity may have let slip a little secret that’s been long awaited regarding an official remix album to Worlds. We reached out to Proximity but he felt it best that answers be revealed in due time.