Waiting for your favorite artist’s new album can sometimes prove to be an agonizing task, and the waiting game only gets worse when months pass by without any updates or news. Flume fans know this struggle all too well, as the Aussie’s previous album (also his debut LP) released way back in November 2012. A recent string of new originals and remixes hints that Flume’s sophomore outing may be coming sooner rather than later, and a new interview with the producer teases huge collaborations.

Flume sat down with the British music publication NME for a brief interview, revealing new information about the impending follow-up to his eponymous 2012 debut. He divulged that the album would feature both high energy bangers and quiet, ambient tracks, and that the list of collaborators range from well-known musicians to unknown talent. We hope fellow Aussie producer Naderi features on the LP, as the up-and-coming artist shares a studio with Flume back in the land down under.

Watch the full interview below, and be sure to listen to and download (for free) Naderi’s newly-released official remix of “Trap Queen” by Fetty Wap – it’s not only a great track, but shows that Flume might have an up-and-coming protégé joining him in more significant ways very soon.