There is no denying that the last twenty years of the Black Eyed Peas’ music career has been anything less than successful. The group has had three of their singles jump to the number one slot in the Billboard Hot 100 along with countless others that made it to the top 40. But amidst yet another credit controversy, the question in the public’s mind might just be “at what cost?”

Following the 2013 incident in which Will.I.Am. was accused and then admitted to stealing “Rebound” from ArtyMat Zo for his own song, “Lets go,” the Black Eyed Peas are now facing accusations from Erykah Badu in relation to a recent music video.

In order to celebrate their twenty years in the business, the Black Eyed Peas put together a music video for their song “Yesterday” that covers how they got their start, where they came from and their journey along the way. To a lot of fans, it definitely seems like a change of pace in their sound, but when it comes to the video accompaniment Badu thought otherwise- Claiming that the video’s idea was stolen from her VMA-winning “Honey.”

Accusations aside, the famous R&B artist did not seem to be phased by it. She jokingly threatened to “beat up,” but also added that she was flattered and saw it as “cute nonetheless.” Compare for for yourselves below, but the similarities are compelling – to say the least.