Music festivals are doing it all wrong when they sell tickets for $300. While they do eventually sell out, there are always fans who missed out because they simply could not afford the $300+ price tag. And then there are the infamous resellers who snatch up the tickets before anyone else can, only to sell them for exorbitant prices later on. This further limits who gets to attend these festivals. This is where UNTOLD Festival in Cluj Napoca, Romania comes in.

If the big guys are talking about PLUR, they should take a few notes from UNTOLD. Adrian Chereji, the marketing director for the festival, has announced that UNTOLD will feature a “Pay with Blood Campaign,” and it’s exactly what it sounds like. Working with the National Blood Transfusion Institute, the Pay with Blood campaign will offer free tickets to UNTOLD to blood donators in 42 Romanian cities. This initiative will last 10 days this month and aims to raise awareness for blood donation in Romania, a country that only sees 1.7% of its population donate blood.

This is surely going to attract a large number of fans. You might be dizzy for a few minutes, but what sounds worse, being light headed for 120 seconds or paying $300? I’ll take my chances with the former. Pasquale and Gary we’re looking at you…