What has quickly become the highest funded clothing project in the history of crowd funding is not only something everyone should have for everyday use, but also, as it turns out, the quintessential festival attire. With sub-pockets a plenty, a built in pillow that makes it possible to catch some z’s literally anywhere, a pen/stylus hybrid zipper, gloves in the sleeves & much, much more – the applications for these jackets are endless.

jacket gif

The Kickstarter, which launched on July 7th with a meager goal of $20,000 has since gained momentum to nearly $1,125,000 in investment, and promises to grow even larger with over 40 days remaining until the end of the project. The jackets are on pre-order for about $100-$150 and will retail at $160-$200+; so if you want one, get your investment in now here.

Check out the Kickstarter video & more pictures below, and additional details on Baubax‘s (the manufacturer) website¬†here.

jacket 1
jacket gloves