Even though Belgium’s Tomorrowland is only days away, those without tickets can stop worrying about missing out on the festivities, thanks to Live Media Group‘s newest streaming service and app Nowlive.

UPDATE: Watch Tomorrowland 2015 Live Steam HERE

Tomorrowland 2015 Live Stream Schedule

tland program
NowLive on Mobile

Featuring professional, HD live-stream videos and screen customization capabilities, NowLive looks to be one of the most efficient and effective ways to experience the festival from your living room. The technology provides unfiltered access to four different stages at once, allowing the viewer to see all of their favorite artists without conflict. If one particular performance piques your interest, it can be made fullscreen.

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Designed for browser and app integration, you’ll be able to keep up with the Tomorrowland mayhem from anywhere that has a signal. The different screens are able to be resized and positioned to your liking, catalyzing the most personal and unique viewing experience out there.

Summerfest nowlive2

NowLive has also integrated several social channels into its design, giving users the opportunity to chat and share with friends during the show. Brad Sexton, President and CEO of Live Media Group describes NowLive as follows:

Tomorrowland’s reputation as one of the most successful and progressive music festival brands in the world makes this partnership exciting for us. We built the NowLive technology for clients exactly like Tomorrowland and TomorrowWorld, a brand that agrees users deserve a better and more controlled viewing experience, and that’s what we deliver with our platform.


In the past, the site has streamed Summerfest, red carpet events, movies, and much more. As festival season continues in full swing, be sure to check back for even more events taking place. Tomorrowland will be streamed from July 24-26, and Atlanta’s TomorrowWorld from September 25-27. The app will be available to both iPhone and Android users, while the stream can be accessed via the web at this link.