Pokémon and trap are two really great things that aren’t exactly seen together often…until now. Psychic Type has just released an insane new track called “Indigo Plateau,” and it’s exactly what it sounds like. Featuring straight samples from the Pokémon games and some absolutely filthy bass, this song is the perfect combination of the two worlds.

“Indigo Plateau” starts off with an eerie intro, utilizing percussion sounds over a slow pounding kick drum. Then comes the infamous ‘encounter music’ that you hear in the game when you’re about to battle. Synths are layered over the original music, adding a whole new ominous energy to the classic tune. The drop has some really fucking insane sounds: what sounds like a chainsaw buzzing in the background, high pitched scraping-like noises, and an incredibly low sub. It’s a crazy mashup of organized chaos; it honestly sounds like what I imagine a Tauros being chainsawed in half sounds like. But don’t let that brutal description steer you away from “Indigo Plateau,” this track is seriously amazing.

Stream the track below and hear for yourself or head to Bandcamp to for a free download!