In life it’s always good to know we have that big brother figure looking over shoulder making sure we’re okay. Not in a policeman or authoritative way, but in a friendly “hey man, are you doing alright?” kind of way. One group of Chicago music festival pioneers have dedicated their expertise from attending music festivals all over the world to help those in the crowd who might need a helping hand.

This is a scenario where Chicago’s Safety Crew likes to help out their fellow festivaling bretheren: it’s Sunday, it’s 100 degrees, you’ve already spent $150 on food and drink since the weekend began, you’ve been dancing all day without shade, someone stole your Camelbak and now you’re too broke to spend $8.oo on a water you have to stand in line for 45 minutes to get anyway. You think you can just tough it out, it’s almost time to go home, but even a stranger can look at you and tell that you are parched. The Safety Crew spots you, they joyfully toss you a Dasani and suddenly your day is literally saved all because a friendly face in the crowd was there to deliver you the sustenance you crave to keep your dance enhanced.

Another scenario that makes the Safety Crew an amazing part of music festival culture: It’s Saturday, you’re broke, you’ve been going hard at the bass stage for 5 hours but Bassnectar is about to come on and you’re 3 rows back and there’s absolutely no way you’re losing that spot. Your dance moves are sluggish because your glucose is low and honestly you’re starting to look a little pale. You need to eat. You look up and suddenly a beautiful girl on stilts is coming at you in the crowd with an amazing costume, a terrific smile, and an apple and a banana just for you. Just what you needed! And you don’t even have to move from your spot! All is well in the world.

Chicago’s Safety Crew really is an amazing group of people directly reflecting the love and respect propagated by music festival culture. For the last 5 years they have funded their kindness out of their own pockets. Now, a friend of their’s who is as moved as I am about their cause has started a GoFundMe to help the Safety Crew help those in need. They are already at $1,470.00 of their $2,000.00 goal. Let’s help them get there!

Your donations will go to buying water, fruit, equipment, vitamins, sun screen, paper fans and helping hands. Everything they need to prevent injury and promote community. Every penny you donate will directly impact a young individual who is in need of a safety solution, and one who will be truly grateful.

No amount is too small. Your generosity is appreciated <3

Go Fund The Safety Crew’s Summer Campaign


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