You’ve had this happen to you: you’re on the plane, relaxing and acting all cool, and some snotnosed little kid sits behind you and starts kicking your seat. It’s not like parents teach that behavior, so it must come innate in the little hellspawn. You hope that by the time someone reaches adulthood (or hell, even mere adolescence) that they gain a little perspective and respect for those around them. But alas…

When you’re on a flight to Ibiza, you can expect to party and rage and get drunk, whatever you want. It’s all you. But that’s after the plane lands. When we’re still in the air, I want comfort and quiet. A group of revelers on a flight from Glasgow to Ibiza threw respect and decency out the window when they started belting along to Storm Queen’s “Look Right Through,” a veritable classic. But when you’re cussing and acting obnoxiously on a flight with a lot of little children and other people who don’t want to participate, you’re a bit of an ass.

Maybe I’m taking this too seriously, but then again, when I pay for a spot on a flight, I’m expecting not to get pissed off by the other passengers. A flight attendant gets on the intercom at one point, saying,

Ladies and gentlemen, please remain quiet. There are travellers on board with young children. Please show some respect. Please do not swear. Thank you.

Though, it did little to actually quash the party.


H/T Unilad