LANDR, a cloud-based mastering service, has just garnered $6.2 million in funding during its latest round of investment. Supported by Nas, the founders of Cirque Du Soleil, Plus Eight Equity Fund, and more, the startup promises a “nearly foolproof” process of mastering recording.

Users simply select a monthly or annual fee, which depends on service and file type, then upload the file and manipulate controls to achieve the desired result. Ranging from a free two-file trial, to a $39/month subscription, there’s a price point for the entire spectrum of musicians.

“More and more music is being made, but certain parts of the process don’t have consumer tools to help make fine and crisp finishes. I believe LANDR is an affordable, groundbreaking technology to help musicians make music that has a quality finish like any major label artist with a budget.” – Nas

Many of these parties, including Plus Eight Equity Fund which consists of Pete Tong, Richie Hawtin, and five other world renown DJs, have also invested in Splice, the equally innovative collaborative music production service. Stay tuned for updates on these innovative platforms.


H/T Billboard | Photo by Nine Fiction