Move over streaming services, the next big app race is for meeting people at shows. FanMatch, which is essentially a, Tinder, and Firechat all rolled into one, is out to help festival attendees connect in a much more streamlined way. Rather than striking up conversation with the people around you in the hopes of making a connection, FanMatch wants to make that process quicker, by taking data such as your relationship interests and your favorite festivals to help you find someone.

Sure, this app sounds incredibly familiar to Glance which also hit the market this summer, but FanMatch turns a free app into Plenty of Fish by making its users pay just to chat with potential suitors (users that you haven’t already previously matched with). While the idea of paying for a hookup app creates a high level of moral grey, it’s more hard to believe that users would actually want to pay $3.99 for a week of talking to someone, when they can just turn to the person next to them in a crowd and talk for free.

But then again people pay $19.99 a a month for TIDAL, so maybe paying $20 for a ridiculous app isn’t entirely implausible.

You can download the app, if you’d like, on the App Store and Play Store.


Photo Cred: Natt Lim