ClubJudge, the most complete database of clubs, is announcing a new awards contest that will fill a necessity in the dance music industry. The contest gives people the power, via reviews, to nominate which club should be awarded; the Best Club in the World, Most Innovative Club in the World as well as the club with the Best Atmosphere.

Currently, the only similar award show is the DJ Mag Top 100, which, is essentially just a glorified popularity contest. ClubJudge on the other hand, will be taking a different approach:

“It’s time to give the world transparency about what the best reviewed clubs are. Filling the clubber’s need of providing them with the most accurate and complete club database out there. We want to give the power directly to the people and make it count. We also want to stimulate clubs to improve their clubbers party experience”. – Filip van Kampen, CEO of ClubJudge

To vote, users just need to submit a review of their favorite club on Ratings and reviews will be used to select the list of Top Clubs in the World, as well as a Top 10 for each country. From that list the winner of each category will be chosen and presented with a Global Club Award on Wednesday October 14th in Amsterdam, during Amsterdam Dance Event 2015.

In addition to the awards, ClubJudge has also launched mobile applications on both iOS and Android. ClubJudge allows clubbers to track their favorite clubs and artists and uses that information to suggest new clubs or parties. When travelling, users can set up their nightlife agenda. By rating and reviewing clubs, they earn points and exchange them for free guest list tickets.

To participate, make sure to check out ClubJudge’s website and find out more information below:

Start reviewing and voting here.