Monstercat has one of the most involved communities of all of dance music. They might not be the most hardcore (that distinction probably goes to Bassnectar fans), but across all forms of social media, they’re involved in everything and know some things about their favorite producer before even the Monstercat higher-ups do.

So now that fans have the opportunity to mix their own episode of the Monstercat podcast? What do you think is gonna happen…

For over a year, Monstercat has curated a weekly podcast to a flood of eager listeners, evolving from a solely an iTunes podcast to blossoming into the key element of Monstercat FM’s channel on Twitch, and beyond. And now, in true form of this family-first label, we are extending the opportunity to fans to provide their mix with a chance to take over an entire episode of the Monstercat podcast as well as a full collection of Monstercat gear. Contestants will have a 15-Day trial to Monstercat Gold which grants access to our entire catalogue to use for the 15 minute mixes which will be uploaded to Mixcloud by Podcast hopefuls. Once the entry window closes, the top 8 finalists will be featured on a special 2-hour voting episode of the podcast in which fans will have the chance to pick their favorite mix of the litter. So for those feeling bold enough to take on the challenge, get to downloading and show us what you got!

You can check out the full rules and info HERE.

The podcast reaches around 200,000 people across all platforms, and consistently brings in 3,000-5,000 live viewers per week. If you’re looking to get your name out there