Another sad day in the dance music community as it has just been reported by Clark County coroner’s office that 24-year old Nicholas Austin Tom, who died June 21st during EDC Las Vegas, died of an apparent overdose.

His official cause of death was intoxication from [ecstasy], also known as MDMA, the coroner’s office said Wednesday.

However, as we are all well aware, MDMA and ecstasy are rarely what they appear to be. Mitchell Gomez of DanceSafe says, “Historically what we have often seen is that any time someone dies and there is MDMA in their system, a coroner often labels it an ‘ecstasy overdose’, even when an event was 105 degrees or there were other serious environmental issues that may have contributed to a death. That being said, in rare cases people have actually died from MDMA toxicity, and even in a proper environment MDMA can sometimes land someone in the hospital, or even kill them.”

Our thoughts continue to go out to family and friends of Nicholas Tom.