It’s no question that powerhouse DJ 3LAU has been on the mend with his musical endeavors. He’s been traveling from state to state, showing off his incredible skills and throwing down the best music that’s been coming out.

His skills on the decks have always been impressive, as well as his ability to produce beautiful songs. But this time, 3LAU has a brand new EP out and it’s more epic than expected. 3LAU decided to complement his new creation with the sensational vocal stylings of Emma Hewitt, who has worked with Armada Music and many trance producers over the years. The track itself includes an enchanting progressive melody, which will leave you breathless and filled with wonder after you listen to it. The uplifting emotions of this tune are extremely powerful, and it really does show 3LAU’s love for music.

Now, just take this track, multiply it by three, and add a perfect amount of acoustic, whimsical design and an experimental take on the original. That’s what this EP includes, and in my opinion, it was an awesome idea.

“I really wanted to do something different; this is my effort to highlight elements of musicality in a genre that too often prioritizes “cool” or “catchy” sounds. Each version of Alive Again was created with different production techniques, different song-writing styles and thus, each strives to invoke a unique emotional response. We listen to different genres of music depending on our states of mind, so I wanted people to enjoy the song behind Alive Again across multiple moods. Whether you’re feeling energetic, chill, or need a dose of vulnerability, there’s always a version to listen to.”

Emma’s vocals are absolutely spellbinding. The acoustic version is very strong. I expected it to be an acoustic with only vocals and guitar, but it’s so much more than that. I am very impressed with how well it’s produced, and it will definitely leave a mark for all who listen to it.

“More specifically to the Alive Again project, it was an honor to work with Emma Hewitt, as her voice has perfectly complemented some of the most beautiful dance records of our time. Her haunting tone really completes the soundscape of Alive Again, pulling heart strings and effortlessly enveloping listeners in the euphoric atmosphere of the record. I’ve always viewed myself as a musician first, a producer second, and a performer third; this is the beginning of a new chapter for me, where I’ll be doing more projects that showcase musicianship over anything else.”

Overall, I am astronomically pleased with this release, and I cannot wait to see what else 3LAU will have in store for us in the near future. Be sure to grab a copy of the Alive Again EP here and continue to follow 3LAU on his musical endeavors via his social media accounts.