Music videos can be a creative outlet for artists to express the thoughts of their music in a different way. Whether it is trying to explain the theme of the song or the message they wish to sell, music videos have long been a way for musicians to express themselves. However, sometimes, the videos are just plain garbage. Thus enters “Musical Sins”, a YouTube channel that ruthlessly breaks down every fault in music videos.

Sadly, it seems that their sights have been set on poor Avicii, whose popular collaboration with Nicky Romero, “I Could Be The One,” ended up being the brunt of the joke this time. In the breakdown, the creators identify over 50 wrongful “sins” that the music video has which is hilariously pointed out every step of the way.

Though we don’t think the music video is really that bad, it’s still funny to watch something get critiqued as vastly as this.

Check out the music video spoof below: