Ness isn’t someone the average EDM fan will know. That doesn’t mean for a second his name should be overlooked at all. Currently located in the UK, the 20 year old artist is capable of producing hip-hop/trap inspired beats with some serious emotion; he was even able to turn All Gold Everything” into a vibed-out banger. France’s Moose Records noticed his knack for production, recruiting him for their newest compilation, Moosetape #9, with a track called “Items in Motion.”

The song starts off with atmospheric sounds mixed with a number of percussion noises. Most of the sounds Ness uses are actually live instruments, showcasing his musical talent with recordings of guitar, piano, and drums. These work together to create a chilling tune layered deep with emotion. Ness flawlessly delivers a ‘future bass’ vibe through soothing chords supported by a warm vocal track. A slow kick and clap drive the beat forward, allowing Ness’s synths to take over the empty spaces with his emotional sounds.

As much of a gem as “Items in Motion” is, it is just one of many off the entire Moosetape compilation. In my opinion it’s the standout track from the comp, but listen for yourself. Check out a more in-depth review by another one of our writers, Peter Rubinstein, here.

Stream the track below or grab the whole compilations on Bandcamp!