The full Subculture SF family on show night with Hippie Sabotage. Justin Waves (back row – tiger shirt) Jack Nagz (back row – “Massiv” shirt), and Danny Green (front left)

Based out of San Francisco, CA, Subculture is a creative collective focused on progression as well as communal grounds. Subculture SF consists of Jack Nagz, Danny Green, and Justin Waves thus far, with plans to expland globally. Their dedication to underground promotion and showcases are a direct reflection of the label they have created.

Subculture offers the full spectrum of future bass sounds on this EP–from oceanic inspired synths on “Aquafinity” to Southern inspired samples with soft-laden trap beats on “IC$.” I had the chance to chat with them about their direction as well as their first movement, a 4-track EP, “Subculture Vol. 1,” which you can download for free from Bandcamp below!

What is Subculture to you?

Jack:  Subculture is a collective and movement focused on forward thinking electronic music. Initially, Justin and I just planned to throw shows in the Bay Area with artists making this new style of future electronic music. Eventually Danny and some other close friends got involved to curate the live show. This year we have hosted Jai Wolf, Hippie Sabotage, Sleepy Tom, Falcons, plus others, and will be announcing new shows soon!

Danny: Expanding on that, we have done several remixes together as well as a four track EP we just released on our bandcamp. We also do radio shows to showcase our new favorite tracks and artists.

What can you tell me about the EP?

Danny: The EP represents the Subculture mentality in that it features a variety of underground sounds and influences. The writing process for the tracks varied, with some tracks being written over the course of a day and others taking more time to fully mature.

Jack: It was the first time we had ever all worked on music together, and each of the tracks draws from our own production styles and sounds.  Because of that, there’s a wide spectrum of flavor in the EP.

Is Subculture more than just music or is it a creative collective in general?

Jack: It’s a mentality about music. We love to support artists who make music within no bounds and push their creativity.  We appreciate everything from techno, to club, hip hop, trap, or house.

What is your reach? Regional/National/International?

Danny: Right now we are focusing on growing our local presence in the Bay Area through our shows, but our music reaches wider than that.  Our collaborative tracks have gained support from artists such as Hippie Sabotage, Bixel Boys, Aryay, R3LL, and more.

Where are your influences drawn from?

Danny: Some of our biggest influences at the moment are Sinjin Hawke, Rustie, Lido, Sophie, Team Supreme, and the list goes on.

Jack: Anything fresh and unique.  I have been super into a lot of artists out of Australia like Cosmo’s Midnight, Wave Racer, HWLS, and Just a Gent.

Danny: I also tend to draw from my classical music background, I like including orchestral sounds as well as piano parts.

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would you want to work with the most?

Jack: Louis Futon or UV boi فوق بنفسجي for sure.  Their tunes have that melodic aspect but also still go hard, I dig that.

Danny: I’d love work on a track with Emoh Instead or Chris Lorenzo. I also really want to get in the studio with Alison Wonderland, her new album is fire.

Future plans for Subculture?

Jack:  More bass, more vocals, more future.

Danny: Plenty of fire emojis, I also want to make some fresh Subculture clothing.


If you are in San Francisco on July 31st, head over to 1015 Folsom where Subculture will be hosting and playing alongside Djemba Djemba, Ganz, and Carmada.

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