Founded in 2012, Moose Records has seen a steady rise in their base of followers and quality of output. What began as an open platform for friends and collaborators to showcase new and personal creations has since transformed into a full-fledged collective label, hosting a slew of upcoming and already-established producers. Now, three years later, we see Andrea and Julia Losfelt‘s ninth compilation tape continue the legacy with ten diverse and heartfelt tracks from some of the most inspired and expressive artists currently on the come up.

The compilation is comprised of a full exploration of perception, emotion, heartbreak, passion, and inner longing. It is an intense and serious collection of work, and innately distances itself from any party-oriented atmosphere. It’s something to contemplate and sit with. Download Moosetape #9 here, and donate to help support those who contributed.

The compilation is introduced by “Lie Again,” a melancholy original by Capeface. Beginning with a soft cascade of descending chords and tones, the track quickly shifts its attention toward the chopped and circulating vocals that float gently above delicate strikes of wood and crunches of metal. A rhode piano trills warmly underneath a steady shaker, while an ethereal flute takes over the focus. A noticeable sidechain effect is used during the second half, giving the entire track a steady groove.

After an upbeat R&B beat by Nude and Manast with vocals from Jeune Faune comes “See You In My Dreams“. Steezy Prime‘s dark and complex arrangement flows seamlessly with Lana Del Ray’s vocals, as they intertwine and build off one another throughout the length of the track. Using full-bodied and fuzzy synths and consistent arpeggios as anchors for her voice, the percussion construction rests comfortably within the rest of the mix. The song is wide, powerful, and calming.

Glxy, HVRXLD, and Ajgor each contribute their own voice to the project, culminating in a very minimal and sub-focused atmospheric center to the Moose Records installment. In the seventh position comes “I’m Sorry” by Glo and Haven. The track is entirely drenched in reverb from start to end, creating an epically anthemic environment around the melancholy lyrics and bold piano accompaniment. The light percussion is all there is to latch onto, allowing the listener to focus their energy on the rolling waves of sonic bliss exuding from all angles. Eventually, spoken and tear-filled words can be heard escaping from within the cavernous echoes, confirming the sense of heartbreak and loss acquired from the rest of the track.

Ledezmao crafts a track reminiscent of the ‘ASMR’ phenomenon, with jarringly pleasant clicks and blips scattered throughout the space. Ness‘s “Items In Motion” is a heavily delayed piece with satisfying inhales and exhales of sound, and is described in further detail here. The concluding song is “Reincarnation” by Pauze*. Cricket sounds introduce the listener to the weighted marimbas, while electric guitar plucks give way to segmented vocals. Suddenly, the mix is taken over by chimes, shakes, tings, and far off percussive strikes on top of a measured sub bass. The guitar becomes the leading player alongside snare rolls and thrown, distorted voices. The endless components come and go, and combine to form consistently fascinating portions until the compilation comes to an end.

The entire compilation can be downloaded for free on Moose Records’ Bandcamp page, unless you’re feeling (rightfully) generous enough to donate.