Miami-based duo GTA released their freshman EP earlier this year, featuring a staggering amount of collaborators, including TJR, Wiwek, Sam Bruno, and Valentino Khan. Now nearly four months later, the long-awaited remix album, titled D.T.G. Volume 1.5, is finally beginning to be unveiled. The entire volume is currently up for pre-sale on iTunes, and will feature remixes from Kill The Noise, Bart Claessen and more. If you order now, you will also receive a very special Falcons flip of “What We Tell Dem” for immediate download. Hailing from Los Angeles’s quickly rising Athletixx collective, Falcons is able to reimagine the original into a lively and raw heater.

The track begins with a tight percussion arrangement and tribal vocal stings typical of Falcons’s usual style. After a light swell, sharp and provocative vocals enter the space with confidence, adding an extra layer of groove to the production. They are looped and thrown around the space, until the break cuts the beat in half. The vocals are placed front and center, while samples of telephone rings and beeps echo in the background. Claps bring the rhythm back after a short rest. The sub bass forces the listener to wait, as it rings out in short bursts.

Pre-order GTA’s D.T.G. Volume 1.5 here and receive the track instantly.