For our latest guest mix we have Nina Las Vegas who has been absolutely crushing it as a radio and club DJ, and is now taking her career to the next level. With a new EP underway as well as a massive US tour, you can read below as we discuss the state of the current EDM industry and get personal with how she prepares for her shows. With one of her biggest performances yet coming up at HARD Summer Fest in LA, this mix and interview will give you deeper insight into what you should expect for the set.

Nina Las Vegas’s hour long mix will satisfy your auditory addiction while you read, so check it out below – and visit SoundCloud for the full tracklist.

Tell me a little bit about yourself. Where are you from? How did you get started as a DJ?

I currently live in Sydney where I studied audio engineering at university and began working behind the scenes at triple j. At the same time I was helping my friends with tours, driving acts like Diplo, Mehdi and A-Trak around in my shitty 1984 Ford Lazer. Around that time (2005/6) I got my first gig at a bar in Sydney and pre-mixed the whole hour, I was so nervous!

Since your start, how has your view on electronic dance music changed? Do you think the scene itself has changed significantly too?

So much. In Sydney we put on a lot of parties as there were more DJs than producers. Now, it’s the other way round as we have stupid lockout laws (you can’t enter a club after 1:30) and heaps of producers!

I think that’s kind of a global trend… SoundCloud plays and social media stats are becoming more important than really good, consistent club nights.

You’re on tour right now, what does your pre-show ritual involve?

I try to stay up before I play as I can’t handle disco naps! I generally listen to music I wanna play.

Favorite tune right now?

This young NYC-based producer has one of the coolest SoundClouds I’ve heard in a while.

What’s next for Nina Las Vegas?

I’m working on my own EP!