NGHTMRE’s “Street” just got a super dope remix thanks to the quickly rising NIGHTOWLS and Jameston Thieves. These two electronic acts on their own are incredible, but combining their talents only make for an even better listening experience.

The track is absolutely strange, in the best way possible. Their bass house style infuses the rhythms and beats, and there’s this really cool step type drop in the beginning. It’s like some kind of “bass step” and I absolutely love it. From there it’s just an onslaught of funky and groovy bass house beats, which will get everyone’s blood pumping and heads rocking. And there’s a neat little bit at the end of the tune, so make sure you hang tight and listen all the way through. You can catch more from NIGHTOWLS and Jameston Thieves by following them on the social media links below. Be on the look out for where they’re throwing down on the decks too, since both of these acts are touring and playing shows soon!

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